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Collets, arbours and chucks

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People have different names... Collets is a common one, so it's chucks you'll hear mostly. Chucks are the most common used terms, but you might also hear:

  1. Mandrills
  2. Collars
  3. Arbours
  4. Stud Holder
  5. Discharge collars

All these terms are used to describe the (usually soft copper) holder inside the hand tool, essential for maintaining good quality welds. We will explain how to keep good quality welds in the video below

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Stud weld chucks video.

Welcome to this Stud Weld chucks Video. Today, we're just going to be talking about capacitor discharged chucks and the different types and different names that people have for them. At Studfast Studwelding, we are a leading UK supplier of capacitor discharge chucks. You may hear several different terms to describe just the same CD chucks.

These include collects is a common one, so it's chucks you'll hear mostly. Chucks are the most common used terms, but you might also hear:

  1. Mandrills
  2. Collars
  3. Arbours
  4. Stud Holder
  5. Discharge collars

Arbors is another one that we hear, and some people just call them stud holders, so they all refer to CD Chuck's at discharge collars. They all refer to the same item. So and there's no there's no universal Chuck for the capacitor discharge stud welding process.

At first, if you're new to new to the process, it may be a little daunting, you know, with all the choice or the choice of sizes. It might seem like a difficult choice at first. So all you need to do is speak to one of our team and within minutes we'll point you in the right direction.

Which chuck is right for your application?

Which accessory? Which chuck is right for your application? The most commonly used term is Chuck, mandrill, however you like to describe it, are these copper collars.

For our CD machines that we sell, we use these copper collars. They are the most commonly used in capacity at discharge welding. And so these ones that we are showing you, we supply them, we hold stock of from 2.5 up to 10. So they're the main ones that you will see, so therefore, you know, you see the 8 and 9 10.

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All contact capacitor discharge machine's mainly uses those many different examples. I've got a few here for you today. This is called an offset Chuck. So you might have seen our previous video on these. This fits into the end of your gun as a normal Chuck would here, and it lets you put studs down, you know, close to an upright or right into a corner.

Here we have an Earth type Chuck. And again, same go into you in the end of the gun, like a normal Chuck straight in there. Tighten it up, Chuck normal. And these weld. So if you can see the little pep on the end there. Well, goes onto your sheet metal and then an Earth connector can go onto it. They're single. And there's also double tag that you can get. These copper cd arbors should use our CD machine. If used properly, they should last over 1,000 worlds and to make them last over 1,000 welds.

Ok the crucial thing is to set up the Chuck correctly. Right? the best way to ensure good Chuck life is as follows. You have to have a 1 millimeter gap from the front of the Chuck to the back of the flange. The easiest way to set it up is to have the stud sticking all the way out. You back off the back stop. Press the third all the way in and then move it out. So you've got 1 millimeter . That will give you the correct protrusion and the correct spring pressure to ensure satisfactory world.

Now you'll notice the little rubber rings, the little rubber rings are there to keep the whole thing tight. If the call it or the chuck gets loose and the stud falls out, you're going to have a lot of issues with poor welds. This can happen when the operator removes the hand tool off the stud at an angle. What happens is. The lines on the collet, on the chuck open out and they stud becomes loose. What then happens is arcing will appear inside the collet. This is where you lose energy, you get a bad weld. And this will burn out virtually straight away. You can tighten them up, by squeezing them in with a pair of pliers.

So if you just had one of the team know the diameter of the stud using maybe the application and the sheet of metal that you are also using. We can determine the type of stud that's most ideal for your job. But in terms of the chucks, the collars, the arbors, we just need to know the diameter. So say, for example, here we've got Capacitor discharge (CD) M5 stud you're going to need an M5 Chuck. So each diameter stud has a matching chuck. The only time you need to change your Chuck is when you change in the diameter of your stud.

So an example of a chuck. You can see it's a lot wider. Give yourself 1 mil and tie it up. That goes straight into your hand tool and away you go. You ready to weld to make.

Ok, the collect, the chucks, the arbors, the mandarins are consumables. They do burn out. You must ensure that you replace them on a regular basis to ensure a good quality weld. If you want to learn more about it, there's other videos on our website, which is, where you can interact with us. Ask us any other questions you might have, and we'll be on to them straight away.

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