Stud Welding Equipment

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What are the types of Studwelding Equipment?

Studfast has the most comprehensive range of Studwelding Equipment – we have the right controller/handtool combination to best suit your application and budget. From hand portable units for occasional use to high speed, fully automatic, production systems. STUDFAST STUDWELDING HAS THE STUDWELDING SOLUTION FOR YOU.

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Which Studwelding Equipment is Right for My Application?

Each hand tool is balanced, durable and light to minimise any operator fatigue and facilitate fast operation. Adjustments for weld control, stud length and diameter changes take just a few seconds. Front end caps are manufactured from Aluminium to keep the handtools lightweight and ensure accurate fixing points for attaching additional accessories.

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Accessories & Controllers

Our extensive selection of these accessories has been developed to assist with accessibility problems, improve jigging and reduce noise levels. Mini & Micro handtools are available to solve accessibility problems. The Studwelding controllers provide the power source. DA controllers can be modified to operate two handtools, each welding different stud diameters.

Studfast 200CD controllers use advanced inverter technology to make them the lightest portable units whilst our CDM range of controllers utilise toroidal transformers for higher speed operation. All controllers are compact, robust and mobile, with stabilised settings which allow for accurate adjustments – achieving the highest quality welds.

Stud Welding Equipment

All electrical components are soak tested for reliability. Unintentional firing is prevented by safety circuits and in the event of a component failure, system shutdown will occur.

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Capacitor Discharge Process

High speed production systems, custom built to exact specifications, achieve the best accuracy and productivity.

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Short Cycle Process

From a simple bottom loaded pneumatic production head to automatic stud feed with CNC positioning and remote delivery/removal of components, Studfast Studwelding have the Right Studwelding Equipment solution for your business.

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Drawn Arc Process

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