CD Weld Studs

CD Weld Studs

Studfast CD Weld Studs are manufactured to the highest quality standards in terms of dimensions and finish. All CD Weld studs conform in every respect to the latest ENISO standard which allow them to be either loaded manually or automatically fed through either a fully or semi-automatic stud feed system.

Date: June 10, 2020
Category: Equipment
Method: Capacitor Discharge

ENISO 13918 specifies all weld stud dimensions.

Studfast Studwelding hold a vast stock range of weld studs in Mild Steel and Stainless Steel. These range from M2.5mm threaded CD studs up to M10(limited stocks). Aluminium Alloy CD Weld studs are also stocked.

We also stock:
(Studwelding consumables, fasteners and studs)
  • Internally Threaded Tapped Bosses or Pads & Unthreaded Plain Pins.
  • Single and double Earth spade tags,
  • Nail pointed studs,
  • Speed fix washers
  • And Fir-tree studs also complement our range of weld studs.

CD Weld studs are sold in handy bags, 300 minimum order quantity bags in Mild Steel and Aluminium Alloy, 100 minimum order quantity handy bags are available for Stainless steel CD Weld Studs.

All Standard Stock Range CD Weld Studs are flanged. This flange may be removed at extra cost. “Specials” can also be manufactured to order. Flangeless CD turned tapped bosses or pads, Collar Studs and Shoulder Studs are just a few of the “Specials” which can be manufactured. We can also help to design “New” weld studs to suit your specific application.

Mild Steel CD Weld Studs are manufactured from material conforming to BS3111 1979 type O DIN ISO0898 pt 1 ST 37-3. Stainless studs are manufactured in 304Cu to BS3111 1979 pt 2. Other Stainless grades are available but minimum-manufacturing quantities would apply.

Aluminium Alloy CD Weld Studs are manufactured in AlMg3 to BS1476 and Brass Studs (Not Stocked) are manufactured in 70/30 Lead Free Brass to BS2873 BS2874.

All Mild Steel CD Weld Studs are Copper coated as standard to preserve shelf life.

Threads are rolled to a 6g free fit to BS3643 part 2.

CD Weld stud price breaks occur at 500, 1000, 2000, 5000, 10000, 25000, 50000