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Short Cycle (SC) Studwelding

Short Cycle stud welding Process


A transformer rectifier supplies a fixed current power source, triggering produces a pilot arc and the stud lifts to a pre-set height.The main arc melts the end of the stud, producing a molten pool in the parent material.Return spring pressure then forges the stud into the pool. Using a shrouding gas reduces weld spatter especially when welding Stainless Steel.
Weld duration 10 to 100 milliseconds.
Short Cycle Studwelding provides greater penetration into the workpiece than CD. This process should be used when the surface is uneven and where the parent material is greater than 1.7mm.

The main application for this process is with Mild Steel studs but it can also be used with Stainless Steel.

The controllers are still portable but of medium weight compared to the CD controllers described above. The equipment is of lower cost than Drawn Arc equipment and requires a 3 phase supply 380/415volt 50Hz.
The advantages of this process are:

  • Low Cost Studs. CD studs may be used
  • Low Cost Equipment
  • Tolerates Surface Irregularities
  • Easy to Jig
  • No Ferrules required
  • Can be Bench Mounted & Automated
  • Greater stud design flexibility as this Studwelding process does not require a CD pip


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